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Éclat, which means shine, is the name for the top-quality aged wine line, which we produced, carefully preserved, cared for and looked after for several years, all so that today it could delight and shine proudly in the glasses of numerous wine lovers.

Éclat - our wine line is apart from awards for top quality
wine also won the prestigious CROPAK 2018 design award.

Eclat Le Premier

Éclat Le Premier is the first exclusive coupage that perfectly combines the finest autochthonous white wines from Croatian vineyards - Istrian Malvasia, Dalmatian Pošip and Slavonian Graševina.

In our desire to combine the best, we extracted the potential of the terroir and the purity of every variety, which intertwined give the wine playfulness, but also thoughtfulness, making it the most prestigious white wine that represents Croatia in a glass.

Gourmet Appetizer

Éclat Le Premier was awarded 89 points by Decanter this year and described as a wine that is savoury on the nose, reminiscent of herbs, ripe yellow fruit, and apple. Taste delights with its refreshing crisp, which is accompanied by a rich texture and a pleasant and long-lasting aftertaste.

The combination of three varieties in Éclat Le Premier creates a unique harmony of taste and aroma. Each variety contributes with its characteristic elements, creating a complex and refined taste, emphasizing the best of Graševina, Malvasia and Pošip.

Eclat Chardonnay

Chardonnay originally comes from Burgundy. The analysis determined that this variety was created by a natural cross between Pinot and the old variety Gouais Blanc, or as it is called in the northern continental part of Croatia, Biela belina velika. A wine that refreshes but at the same time fills the palate with divine flavors.

This variety produces wines that are extremely fruity, light and fresh, but it can also produce complex wines with a harmonious and rounded taste. Such an example is Chardonnay Eclat 2013 — a superb wine originating from Slavonia.

Eclat Chardonnay.tif

Chardonnay Eclat 2013 wine is characterized by a pronounced straw yellow color. The aromas are fruity and varietal recognizable - you can feel apple and traces of herbal notes. The taste is strong and harmonious and leaves a long-lasting and persistent retro taste.  Part of the wine was aged in barrique barrels, which resulted in roundness and fullness of aroma and taste. Delicate aromas of smoke and vanilla come to the fore, which complete the experience that this wine provides.

— Éclat Chardonnay 2013,

Nikola Dolački, Oenologist

Eclat Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most famous and most widespread varieties in the world. It is grown in almost all major wine-producing countries and in various climatic conditions.  The popularity of Cabernet Sauvignon among winemakers and consumers is great, but it is not known whether it is due to the ease of cultivation or the favorite recognizable smell of black berries. and pepper. Cabernet Sauvignon are full-flavored wines with high tannins and noticeable acidity.  

The superb Eclat Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 from Ilok is the result of hard work in our vineyards and care for excellence in the cellar. It matured for a year in oak barrels. It is a deep, dense dark red color. We smell mostly fruity aromas in it, first of all forest fruits and the smell of dark chocolate, and then traces of red pepper appear. The taste of the wine is strong and sumptuous, it seems elegant and complete. It is arguably the best Croatian Cabernet Sauvignon produced using a modern method.

— Cabernet Sauvignon 2018,

Jelena Balog, VINologist

Eclat Plavac mali

Eclat Plavac small, vintage 2013 (golden Decanter medal)

Plavac mali is an autochthonous Dalmatian variety, but also the most widespread black variety in Croatia. The best grapes and wine are produced in the southern regions of Dalmatia, especially on the Pelješac peninsula, from which Eclat plavac mali 2013 comes.


The wine is characterized by a distinct ruby red color. The smell is reminiscent of fruity aromas, first of all forest fruits and prunes, with traces of earthy notes and a hint of pepper. The taste of the wine is strong and rich, and extremely elegant. A top wine that was aged for a certain period in medium-fired barrique barrels made of French oak, after which it was transferred to a stainless steel tank for maturation.
Plavac mali Eclat 2013.  is a powerful wine that is recommended to be served at a temperature of 15-18 °C with game dishes, red meat and steak.

— Éclat Plavac mali 2013

Jelena Balog, Wineologist

Eclat Muscat

In the world of vines, a prominent place is occupied by one group of varieties that are connected by an important characteristic - varietal aroma. These are Muscats. What all the varieties bearing the prefix muscat are characterized by is a special muscat smell. Muscat varieties are characterized by different properties, we have them in all colors (black, white, pink, red) and for different purposes (wine, drying and toothpicks), but they all have one thing in common, which is the presence of a muscat smell.

Chocolate Dessert

Muscat yellow is a variety that produces very delicious wines, golden yellow in color, and with the frequent high residue of unfermented sugar and a pronounced muscat aroma, it makes an extremely interesting dessert wine. But in addition to the potential for the production of dessert wines, Muscat also has the potential for the production of wines in all quality categories. Muscat yellow Eclat is a semi-sweet premium wine, the aromas that dominate are the aromas of flowers, especially the aromas of roses with tones of candied citrus fruits. Sweetness, but also nicely balanced freshness make this wine perfect with fruit cakes and desserts.

— Muscat Éclat 2019,

Nikola Dolački, Oenologist

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