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Bulk wine purchase

Every year in the world, 38% of the total wine production is sold in bulk. Motivated by this fact, we have been buying bulk wine from all regions of Croatia for several years and helping winemakers to deal with the stock of unsold wine, and after assessing the quality, we determine the packaging into which it is packaged and on which market we will place it.

Wines purchased in this way become part of our story, signed and marked with one of our brand labels. We try to make a good selection, where we make sure that the balance of taste, alcohol, acid and sweetness is harmonized. Experience tells us that wines made from purchased wine are very well received on the market.

Papillon wines

Get to know our exclusive brand, which was created as a result of the purchase of surplus wine in bulk from winemakers due to the newly created situation, the global pandemic.

Primarily, we decided to make this line to help winemakers manage their inventory.

Grape varieties from different wine regions were selected because we want to present Croatia on the foreign market as well. So, apart from Croatia, you can also find Papillon wines on the Czech market recently.


Dear winemakers,

we invite you to send us your offer with information about the variety, quantity and price of the bulk wine you want to sell. Simply fill out the quote form. We will contact you to send us samples for tasting, and then our team of oenologists will evaluate the quality of the wine and we will get back to you with a confirmation of purchase.

The smallest amount of wine of one type that you can offer is 3,000 liters. Don't worry about transportation! For smaller quantities, we have our own tanks, and if it is a larger quantity, we send tanks with a capacity of up to 25,000 liters. 

Every wine is a challenge for us. We enjoy creating new wine stories and new collaborations. Contact us with confidence!

The invitation is open throughout the year!

Wine purchase offer


For all questions and additional information about filling out the offer, you can contact us at tel. 01 615 7406. 

Thank you !

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