Charles Collin

Charles Collin champagnes come from the famous French province of Champagne, more precisely from the Champagne wine region Côte des Bar - according to which champagnes have gained popularity in the world. The peculiarity of Charles Collin champagnes lies in the fact that they are mostly produced from the Pinot noir variety - which gives them much-needed freshness, aroma and, of course, authenticity.

Champagne Charles Collin, all winners of prestigious European and international medals in the wine profession, has long been recognized by wine lovers across Europe and the world, and recently they can be enjoyed by Croatian wine lovers, as well as those who are yet to become. An additional special feature of these champagnes is the quality in all production processes - from hand-picked grapes, all the way to the bottles that reach the hands of the ultimate tasters.

Refreshing, strong, deep, intoxicating, elegant, unique - these are the epithets that adorn Charles Collin champagnes and irresistibly call for you to try them.

Introducing six refreshing Charles Collin champagnes:
an aperitif with a bright and clear look with a rich freshness of fruit aromas - Brut, a refreshing nose champagne with fruity notes of grapefruit and citrus, and a harmonious refreshing finish - Blanc de Noirs, a rose rich in red fruit and wild strawberry flavors. - Rosé Brut, fruit champagne with an intense finish of fruit cake and dried fruit - Demi-Sec, a representative of the classic style among champagnes - Cuvée Charles Brut and sugar at the end of the 2008 harvest - Blanc de Blanc 2008


- Charles Collin Brut


- Charles Collin Blanc De Noirs


- Charles Collin Rosé Brut


- Charles Collin Demi Sec


- Charles Collin Cuvée Charles Brutus


- Charles Collin Blanc De Blanc 2008.