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Arraez winery is located in the Spanish town, Font de la Figuera. They stand out for their creativity and youthful spirit, which you can recognize at first by their labels, but at the same time they make sure that what is inside the bottle also delights you. They produce wines from Spanish indigenous varieties such as Monastrell, Tempranillo, Bobal, Garnacha Tintorera, Verdil and Moscatel.

They are winemakers who are not afraid to experiment, push boundaries, go crazy, be weird.

Canallas White

Canallas is a light, drinkable, Mediterranean white wine. It is recommended for both as aperitifs and lunches that turn into dinners. It is characterized by a pale yellow color and a subtle fragrance. Fresh notes of white fruit stand out with notes of citrus. On the palate it is smooth, refreshing and with a long pleasant finish. Serve at a temperature between 4º and 8ºC.

Canallas Red

Dark red color, fresh taste dominated by notes of ripe fruit, vanilla and cocoa. This is a wine with a full, juicy taste, yet elegant with a good balance between the spicy flavors of the barrel and the fruity character of the young Tempranillo. Canallas is a wine ideal for drinking in company with small snacks and pasta dishes. It is best served at a temperature between 12º and 16ºC.


Vividor has an intense dark red color with aromas of fresh red berries and floral and balsamic notes. It is a full-flavored, well-structured wine, and the woody flavor forms the final note of this wine, which is hard to resist. It goes well with red meat dishes. 

Serve at a temperature between 12º and 15ºC

Mala Vida

Mala Vida is the result of a blend designed to satisfy a wide variety of palates. The combination of Monastrell, Tempranillo, Syrah and Caberneta varieties makes this wine complex and with an excellent aroma

dominated by red fruit. Mala Vida has a dark  red color. The taste is very pleasant and silky. It is recommended with appetizers, meat, pasta, rice and chocolate. It is best served between 12º and 15ºC.

Los Arraez Malvasia

Yellow color, clean and shiny. The fragrance  is based on   white fruits and minerals, and the background is balanced with nuances reminiscent of toasted nuts. The taste is fresh with the moderate acidity of summer  dried fruit.  Malvazija Los Arráez is recommended with any Mediterranean dish, rice, pasta dishes, fish and seafood. It is a versatile wine, excellent as an aperitif or with a specific meal. Serve chilled at a temperature between 4º and 8ºC.

Vivir Son of Dormir

A wine from the organic vineyards of Murcia with a bouquet of very ripe red and black fruit with a touch of black pepper and a delicate touch of oak. Ripe, thick, strong in the mouth, with a long pleasant aftertaste.  It goes well with meat and vegetables of Mediterranean cuisine.

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