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Thematic wine tastings

We organize themed tastings for six to eight people in our Vinolog wine shop, Božidara Adžija 34 in Zagreb. 

The tasting with professional guidance lasts 2 hours, and you can enjoy the wines that you liked the most for an additional hour.

By participating in our thematic tastings, you have the opportunity to:

  • start the evening with a welcome drink of Lectus brut sparkling wine

  • taste at least 6 different wines from the best vineyards in Croatia and around the world with a snack

  • get to know each vineyard and variety and find out interesting facts about  wineries

  • participate with our expert staff in the wine description

At our tastings you can relax in a pleasant atmosphere, and our wine specialists  will educate and entertain you with interesting content about wines, winemakers and wineries!

Check the schedule of tastings and choose the topic that seems most interesting to you.

See you!

Schedule of thematic wine tastings 

Send us an inquiry to reserve the desired appointment at

18.00 - 20.00 h 


Special evening - pre-Christmas tasting

A selection of special wines that you should not miss trying

  • Govorko sparkling wine Aria 2019

  • Grgurević plavac small gray 2020

  • Jagunić traminac red amber selection 2019

  • Cattunar Collina 2017

  • Eclat plavac mali 2013

  • Franco Franceso Malvasia Castelnuovo Don Bosco 2021

Price of the mentioned tasting package per person: HRK 350 / EUR 46.45

18.00 - 20.00 h 


Around the world with a glass - Bordeaux

Don't miss the selection of carefully selected great Bordeaux wines

  • Chateau Mille Roses 2018

  • Chateau Haut Brisson 2018

  • Chateau Les Vimieres 2016

  • Chateau Prieus de la Commanderie 2016

  • Chateau La Land de Cach 2016

  • Chateau Les Ormes 2012

Price of the mentioned tasting package per person: HRK 450 / EUR 59.73

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