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Vinolog wine shop

In an effort to offer the market a selection of the best world and Croatian names from the wine scene, we created the Vinolog wine shop. With a concept in which wine connoisseurs can book a wine consultation and enjoy comfortable armchairs, it goes beyond the usual wine shops, and we have adapted the offer for each customer. Here you can find wines in the price range from HRK 20.00 to HRK 800.00.

'We wanted to open a place where our guests will primarily feel comfortable, where all visitors will have the opportunity to get to know different wines that were previously unavailable in our region, but we also wanted to create a hub where we, as true lovers and wine connoisseurs can educate people but also learn from them...'

Vinolog wine shop, Božidara Adžije 34, Zagreb             


 Working hours: Mon - Fri 09-20 h, Sat 09-14 h 

Offer in the shop

In 300 selected labels, on the shelves you can find Croatian and international wines, as well as wines of our own production.

All wines are carefully selected, tasted, in the best condition, and this is the reason why we have an exact number of wines in the wine shop - because we want to offer our customers only the best.

Hrvatska  the wines on offer are those that meet the criteria of the house in terms of quality, price and aging, as well as wines produced by different methods.

The selection of world wines  is based  on varieties and producers that have not been present on our market before with different styles, from hipster to make-up.

Gift packages

Who likes gifts? All of them. It's a nice feeling to receive a gift, and it's even nicer when our gift makes others, dear people, partners and colleagues happy. Think big this holiday season! And large formats of wine packaging are exactly the ideal gift.
When you buy in large formats, you know you will be buying high quality wine. Winemakers usually store their best wines and vintages in large bottles. Because large packaging has its advantages. Namely, the influence of oxygen on wine in large bottles is much smaller, which means that the wine will mature better and more slowly, and will have a better taste.

In ourscatalogfind the ideal business  gift.

On request, we deliver to your address throughout Croatia.

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You can buy gift packaging in our Vinolog Wine Shop, Božidara Adžije 34, Zagreb or order at 

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