Wine to go

Wine to go is our attempt to allow wine lovers to drink wine at any time. There is no reason not to enjoy good wine at concerts, festivals, excursions, trips and similar fun situations when it is inconvenient for you to carry bottles.

Wine to go Spritz

The refreshing aroma of the fruit adorns this spritz. The famous Aperol is summed up in the characteristic taste of bitter orange and citrus. It has a full and strong taste with a dose of necessary elegance and freshness for the pleasure of drinking.

Wine to go Chardonnay
Wine to go Rose
Wine to go Merlot

The recognizable, varietal mineral-fruity scent is simple and mild. Fruity aromas are associated with apricot and pear, and tones of floral notes give off minerality. It tastes elegant and harmonious. Nuts, ripeness, with lively acids, give a nice bitter taste and delicate fruitiness.

It is a beautiful vivid and compact pink color. The scent is discreet and gentle, but extremely pleasant and persistent. Gentle shades of meadow flowers mix with attractive fruity raspberry notes. The taste is refreshing, pleasant and in keeping with the scent.

The  scent is very pleasent and rich in which notes of ripe cherry and raspberry are intertwined. The taste is intense, full and lasting, it has moderate tannins, seductive drinkability and accentuated fruitiness. Lively acids leave the impression of a pleasant and slightly spicy finish.