Einig - Zenzen

The Zenzen winemaking family has a rich and diverse history.  This is a historic German winery producing an extensive range of wines including this non-alcoholic collection. They are one of the largest distributers of wines in Germany. Anually production of their own wines is 100 000 000 000 litres. It is the same quantity of wines that is yearly produced in Croatia.

Dr. Zenzen Riesling non-alcoholic white wine

This premium non-alcoholic wine has a beautiful golden-yellow color. It is produced from 100% Riesling variety, which is adorned 

the epithet "queen of white wines. Fruit aromas prevail in the wine, of which lemon and peach stand out in particular. Very nicely expressed minerality and freshness.

Dr. Zenzen Dornfelder non-alcoholic red wine

Dornfelder is an autochthonous German variety, which tolerates the cold climate very well, therefore the wines produced from this variety are strong and robust. This superb wine is adorned with fruity aromas, especially dominated by the aromas of red currants and berries. This is a very balanced red non-alcoholic wine.