Chateau Canadel

Winery Chateau Canadel was bought by famous couple Amal and George Clooney. It is situated in Franch wine region, Povance. They own 25 ha of vineyards. This winery is very famous because of their specific wine production and hand picking of the grapes. Huge attention is paid to the harvesting and aging of the wines. In order to produce high quality wines each plot of the vineyard is harvested and vinified separatelly depending on the maturity of the grapes. Each tank has their own specific character.

Bandol rosé 2020 Chateau Canadel.png
Chateau Canadel rose 2020 

This wine has bio certificate. The grapes are hand harvested. Cinsault, Mouvedre and Grenache are used in producing this extraordinary wine. Beautiful tender pink colour tinged with orange hues. The nose is rather expressive and delicate with aromas of wild peach, tangerine and exotic fruits. The taste is very elegant and full-bodied, revealing aromas of peach and spices, exhilarated by a saline hint. The aftertaste is lingering and intense, both fresh and voluptuous at the same time. Recommended temperature of serving is between 10-12°C.

Photo Rouge Classique 2018.png
Chateau Canadel cuvee 2018

This wine was produced from Mourvedre, Cinsault, Grenache i Syrah varieties. The vineyards are facing to the south. Mixing those four varieties they create an irrestible combination. Wines produced from small grape Mourvedre are vey tannic, on the other grape Cinsault is giving to the wines specific aromas. Grenache is giving to the wine body and red fruit aromas. Variety Syrah is used to give to the wine structure, salinity and the notes of black fruits. This wine has bio certificate.